아모리노 프랜차이즈의 메인정보

Our Amorino franchisee puts a lot of personal effort into his shop.

  • He or she knows how to combine his commercial skills with his organizational experience in order to manage his or her team.
  • He or she is on hand, pays close attention to details, is ready to listen and is responsive to the constant updating of the brand.
  • With our financial plan, we ask that the franchisee contributes 40% of the total investment, which would be £ 200 000.

For our part, as a franchisor, our role consists of :

  • Actively assist in the preparation and opening of the boutique.
  • By using our networks, we will help the franchisee to identify key locations for boutiques.
  • Affirm the location which has been found.
  • Organise building works, training and follow-up.

In short, when opening an Amorino store, you profit from:

  • An activity that focuses on customer service and pleasure.
  • Our products arrive ready for sale.
  • With good profit margins.
  • An innovative and prestigious business which offers a top quality product.

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