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Organic Blood Orange and Ginger

An explosion of happiness! The tartness of the blood orange along with the spiciness of fresh ginger is the perfect association that we have created to refreshen your summer. Do not miss it!

Ginger is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and it is often used in traditional Chinese medicine. In Europe, ginger was particularly appreciated by the Greeks and the Romans. In the Middle Ages, this spice was considered magical and an aphrodisiac, today, it has found its place in the finest restaurants. Blood orange is a variety of orange with deep red flesh. It is known for its concentration of vitamin C that strenghtens the immune system. Very juicy, its taste is slightly sweet with tangy tones.

The fragrant taste of the blood orange mixed with the power of the ginger creates a unique flavor. This sorbet's texture is silky and its taste is refreshing. It is perfect if mixed with passion fruit sorbet or yogurt gelato, and is perfect for a Sorbet Drink.

blood orange and ginger
Texture of blood orange and ginger ice cream
Ice cream cone, blood orange and ginger flavor
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