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Waffle Sticks

Chase away the back to school or work blues with our Waffle Sticks!

Served with an extra gourmet topping of your choice, our waffle sticks are perfect for sharing….or not! Available for eat in or to take away.

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Bliss Box

Designed for those who love to share!

The Bliss box contains one 1100ml tub of gelato and 3 toppings: salted butter caramel, dark chocolate and gianduja.

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Choose as many flavours as you’d like!

Your enjoyment has no limits ! 

We use a spatula to serve and shape the gelato into beautiful roses. Each petal may be made using a different flavour. 


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Amorino - Trésors glacés (in French only)

A recipe book, published by Editions du Chene, available in Amorino boutiques (in French only).

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Gelato Al Naturale

Our promise

We commit, each day, to share
nature's wonders and flavours with you!                                       
To never use artificial colourings or flavourings.    
To offer you more organic and vegan friendly flavours.

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