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May, 13th 2022

Amorino unveils its 2 new Spring flavors to launch the gelato season!

With the return of Spring, long walks in the fresh air and enjoying outdoor café terraces with friends or a good book, Amorino unveils its 2 new flavors to foster sweet occasions for sharing and conviviality:

A traditional Italian dessert?
Or a sun-drenched treat?

Mark your calendar: a selection of 2 flavors, depending on your mood, will be available in all of Amorino’s boutiques from April to June 2022.


Gelato Mascarpone Fig

Reconnecting with tradition

This creamy Gelato, made from one of the most famous Italian cheeses, is a one-way ticket to Lombardy, the birthplace of the Commedia dell’arte with its lakes, hillsides
and mountains.
Legend has it that a Spanish governor on discovering the Italian cheese, exclaimed “MAS QUE BUENO!” which is how Mascarpone got its name.

The pieces of caramelized figs found in this gelato are absolutely divine.


Citrus Lemon Verbena Sorbet

Get a shot of vitamins!

Longer days, blooming greenery, the warmth of the sun on your face are all good pretexts to get outside and re-energize after the winter months…

This velvety, well-balanced vegan sorbet perfectly combines full-bodied citrus fruits such as lemon and mandarin with the sweetness of verbena and bergamot.


Citrus Lemon Verbena Macaron

A little bite of vitality

Amorino’s iconic and delicious Gelato macaron, assembled by hand, also gets a spring makeover: its two-toned green and pink shells sandwich a citrus lemon verbena sorbet center; the perfect way to top your gelato flower.

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