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Shop Manager Mexico – Satélite


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The Amorino Store Manager is in charge of the store and the employees who work within.


He/she might plan and promote the daily schedule of employees, interview, hire, coordinate and discipline employees, make sure the store is stocked, clean, in proper working order.


Key responsibilities:

  • Provide training to all employees on the Amorino Know-how and standard procedures, ensure ongoing training regarding new and existing products, promotions and policies;
  • Supervise and coordinate the duties and daily tasks among the team members;
  • Oversee and rectify the team members’ ability of serving the correct amounts of product and respect its presentation, efficiency and quality of customer service, store maintenance and sanitation;
  • Check regularly all necessary invoices, costs and personnel/payroll related administrative duties. Manage all the contacts with suppliers in case of absence of the store owner. Cooperate in planning a store budget.
  • The store manager has to care of all the KPIs the management sets to get the best results in terms of sales, profitability, store management, cost management, etc.
  • Complete or delegate weekly frozen and dry goods inventory;
  • Place dry and frozen goods order according to the store needs, the season and the owner guidelines
  • Supervise daily cash management functions;
  • Complete, check and renew when necessary all the templates regarding products’ traceability/cleaning, machinery maintenance and cleaning, stores area cleanliness and general maintenance;
  • Manage the posters and signs placement in the store according to the Amorino guidelines;
  • Control and ensure the correct and balanced gelato and stock turnover by regularly tracking with the scale the gelato servings per each employee;

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Personal attitude:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • General attitude
  • Leadership and Communication

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