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Ecuador pure Origin Chocolate

Are you ready for a gourmet break? The intensity of cocoa and smoothness of fresh whole milk in our Ecuadoran Pure Origin Chocolat gelato will transport you!

Recognized for aromatic finesse, our cocoa beans are carefully selected in the Ecuadorian highlands along the Guayas River. The unique climate and geology provide ideal conditions for processing cocoa into chocolate. Our Ecuadorian "pure origin" Chocolate gelato, with its floral and fruity notes, appeals to all true chocolate afficionados!

The remarkable taste of Ecuadorian cocoa makes it a coveted raw material for all of the leading chocolate makers. Discover the richness, intensity and strength of cocoa in our Ecuadorian Chocolate ice cream. Take the time to appreciate all of its extraordinary aromas, and the balance between the ingredients. The woody notes of chocolate combined with the creamy smoothness of our gelato base will quickly conquer your taste buds, for an intense moment of pure pleasure.

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Ecuador chocolate
Ecuador chocolate ice cream texture
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