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Organic Grapefruit

Need a little kick? Discover the power of grapefruit and let you be revigorated by the fresh and dynamic notes of this thirst-quenching sorbet

What we call a grapefruit is in fact a pomelo, this more or less acidic citrus fruit with a juicy texture. With its flesh varying from blond, pink to red, it offers a wide range of flavours. While all citrus fruits come from Asia, the pomelo appeared in the Caribbean, on Barbados island in the 18th century. One says that a sailor, Captain Shaddock, brought back grapefruit and orange plants from China and that the hybrid was born by chance. Its success on the American continent was not long in coming, but it was only in the 20th century that it was introduced in Europe.

Our grapefruit flavour combines sweetness and character to give you a good kick. This is a thirst-quenching sorbet with fresh and dynamic notes. This flavour goes particularly well with our Lampone heritage sorbet, our new tangy Jasmine sorbet and our Fragola Camarosa ice cream. This is a sorbet that we call "full fruit". A full-fruit sorbet is one containing at least 45% fruit (20% in case of sour fruit). • No artificial colouring • No artificial flavouring • No flavour enhancers • Organic

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