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October, 5th 2022

Amorino unveils its new winter flavor : Tiramisù !

Tiramisù flavor
When Italy’s most iconic dessert is remagined in a unique gelato flavor !

Legend has it that at the end of the 16th century, the original Tiramisù recipe was invented in Tuscany due to the visit by the Grand Duke to the region. The Grand Duke loved the dessert so much that he shared it with all the regions in Italy. So, now Amorino proposes its own gelato version.

With its creamy texture and soft, delicious inserts, discover the taste of the past, with notes of coffee, chocolate and mascarpone combined to make this distinctive gelato.

Extremely flavorful, it will appeal to the most discerning connoisseurs as well to aficionados of Italian culture and its gastronomy!

This limited edition will be available from October 1st 2022 to March 31st 2023.

Tiramisù Macaron

As a tribute to the winter gelato flavor, Amorino has also created a gelato-filled macaron !

This Tiramisù macaron combines all the creaminess of the tiramisu gelato with the unbeatable crispness of the macaron shell… a taste experience that is 100% tiramisù.

Hazelnut Macaron

A very different creation – the hazelnut macaron; both creamy and crunchy thanks to its hazelnut chips, highlighting one of Italy’s most authentic gelato flavors.

These two macarons will be available from October 1st 2022 to March 31st 2023.

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