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Organic Citrus, Carrot & Ginger

Ready to fuel up on sunshine and vitamins? Discover our Organic Citrus, Carrot & Ginger sorbet for a flavourful explosion of taste.

This ephemeral product is currently unavailable in our stores.

This organic sorbet, a powerful blend of oranges, pink grapefruits, and carrots, all heightened by a hint of ginger, is bursting with sunshine. A tribute to the authentic taste of fruit and vegetables sourced from the most beautiful Italian orchards, this flavour was inspired by the taste of freshly picked fruit, in an ode to nature and a sweet escape to the vegetable gardens of our childhood.

With this flavour, ideal for hot summer days, you will get your fill of vitamins and freshness. Oranges and carrots bring softness and vitality, while the grapefruits and ginger provide strength and shine to this sorbet for a pleasant, toning, and invigorating combination. Albeit tasty on its own, our Organic Citrus, Carrot & Ginger can be paired beautifully with our Organic Chocolate or Blackcurrant sorbets. • No artificial colouring • No artificial flavouring • No flavour enhancers • Vegan • Organic

lemon sorbet, zanahoria y citricos
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