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Organic Mandarin

It's summer .. so invite your palate on vacation ! Discover the intense flavor and pastel color of our perfectly tart Mandarin Acérola sorbet

"Tardivo di Ciaculli" mandarins are slightly less sweet than other mandarins and have an incomparably rich taste. Mandarins are well known for their nutritional and anti-oxydant properties.. a true star of the fruit bowl! The acerola we added to this recipe is from South America and the Carribean. It grows on the well-named "Tree of Life", and resemble a small, bright cherry.

Our Mandarin and Acérola sorbet, rich in vitamins, is also rich in fresh, floral notes! The authentic taste of the cold pressed fruits mean this sorbet can be fully enjoyed on its own. But our gelato artists suggest that the perfect combination is with our rich organic chocolate sorbet!

organic mandarin
organic mandarin texture
ice cream cone, organic mandarin flavor
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