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July, 4th 2022

Amorino unveils its 3 new summer flavors !

Available from June to end September, discover AMORINO’s 3 new organic artisanal sorbets:
tangerine acerola, blueberry açai and blood orange ginger!

Why these superfruits? To boost your super powers!
You can rely on AMORINO for a delicious and relaxing treat wherever your summer travels take you!

Treat yourself and discover these 3 flavors in any one of our 200 stores… be it an impromptu visit while in Rome, at the office in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux or on vacation on the other side of the world!
Their super powers:
energy – optimism – joy – indulgence – laughter – friendship – refreshment – creativity


Organic Tangerine Acerola sorbet

Made from “TARDIVO DI CIACULLI” Tangerine varietal, is a shot of ENERGY!

The refreshing and intense flavor of this exceptionally fragrant fruit blends perfectly with the beneficial properties of the acerola fruit!

Our Gelato artist’s top tips

“Pair it with a chocolate/lime basil sorbet as an Italian would do! The punchiness of the tangerine will be complemented by the sweetness of the chocolate. In our opinion, there’s no better way to start a vacation”


Organic Blueberry Acai sorbet

Evokes the Amazon Rainforest

The fruity taste of blueberry blends perfectly with the red fruits notes of acai, known for its stimulating and energizing properties!

Our Gelato artist’s top tips

“If you are being health-conscious but are in New York, Lisbon and want to indulge a little, enjoy it with our yoghurt gelato”


Organic Blood Orange Ginger sorbet

The full-bodied taste of Silician Blood Orange combined with the robust flavor of Ginger

Both refreshing and bursting with sunshine flavors, it is the best way to start your day!

Our Gelato artist’s top tips

“Orange and ginger is a tastebud tingling combination! We suggest that you pair it with a rounder, milder flavor such as chocolate or passion fruit… or enjoy it with whipped cream on a waffle for a more decadent treat”

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