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Organic Blueberry and açai

Dreaming about Brazil? So are we! Let our organic Blueberry Acai sorbet take you there!

"The acai berry is often mistaken for the blueberry, due to its purple colour. Picked by hand in the Brazilian Amazon,this superfood is nutrient-rich and an excellent antioxidant. Blueberries belong to the red fruit family and contains less sugar and calories which offering a generous amount of dietary fiber. "

"The acai berry has a unique taste halfway between red fruits and cocoa. The blueberry balances the sorbet texture with a fruity and tangy taste. This sorbet is invigorating and boosting: ideal for sunny days! It goes perfectly with blackcurrant and yogurt. "

Blueberry Acai
Blueberry Acai ice cream texture
ice cream cone, Blueberry Acai flavor
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