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Sicilian Cassata

Would you fancy travelling to Italy? Inspired by the traditional Sicilian Cassata, our new ice cream is an invitation to discover Italian rich flavours. Smooth and tasty, it will not leave you indifferent.

Cassata is an Italian cake from Sicily. It is made from ricotta, sponge cake and almond paste and then beautifully decorated with a sugar glaze and candied fruits. Generous and colourful, Cassata was traditionally prepared during the Easter period but we can now luckily find it all year round!Cassata has evolved over the centuries and through the history of Sicily. Initially a simple shortcrust pastry filled with ricotta, it evolved first with the introduction of sugar cane, lemon and citron by the Arabs. Later on, the Norman improved the recipe by adding almond paste and the Spanish added the sponge cake. It is during the baroque period that the recipe was completed with the addition of candied fruits that we can still find today as decorations on these pastries.

Our new Cassata ice cream will give you a real taste of Italy. The generosity and creaminess of the ricotta cheese is combined with the subtle and gourmet notes of candied fruit: orange peel, lemon, citron and cherry. The fruits, coming from sun-drenched orchards, are then candied in a sweet solution strictly following the Sicilian tradition.This flavour goes particularly well with our Mango Alphonso sorbet, our Mawardi Pistachio ice cream or our 0% fat yogurt ice cream.• No artificial colouring• No artificial flavouring• No flavour enhancers

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